ZATCA amends and issues a consolidated version of ‘Implementing Regulations’ of VAT Law | Oman Tax Authority issues guidelines on “Country-by-Country Reporting” | Oman Tax Authority issues VAT guidelines on Capital Assets in Arabic | ZATCA notifies ZAKAT related guides for the treatment of debts, financing activities etc. | The Rising Sun of Transfer Pricing in the UAE- What to expect? | Oman Tax Authority issues Guide on “Financial Services Sector” | UAE – Administrative Penalties | UAE – Voluntary Disclosure Guide | UAE: What are the legal risks investors need to watch out for when investing in digital assets? | VAT Implication on Profit sharing/ Management fees | VAT treatment on Transfer of goods from one Designated Zone to another | Input VAT Recovery on missed tax invoices? | Introduction of Corporate Tax in UAE | New Rules on Retrospective Tax Penalty Waivers, Installments, Tax Litigation, and Class Actions | KSA publishes Guidelines on Contracting Sector in Arabic | NBR of Bahrain issues FAQs in relation to VAT rate change transitional rules | Bahrain issues VAT Rate Change Transitional Provisions Guide | NBR of Bahrain starts rolling out email to taxpayers for proposed change in VAT rate | FTA updates VAT User guide for Registration, Amendments and De-registration | FTA issues reminder on amending provisions of Administrative Penalties for Violation of Tax | Bahrain's Shura Council has approved draft amendment bill to increase VAT rate | FTA issues Public Clarification for recovery of input tax on Phones, Airtime, and Packages | Bahrain Parliament receives draft amendment bill to double the VAT rate | Parliament House of Bahrain approves increase in VAT rate | KSA issues guide to develop FATOORAH compliant QR Code | Bahrain publishes updated manual on “Change of VAT return filing frequency” | UAE announces 'Reconsideration Requests Service' to be available on e-services portal | UAE issues “Reconsiderations User” guide | UAE releases user guide on Excise Tax | UAE issues Public Clarification on “Amendment of Tax Procedures Law” | KSA releases second version of "Input Tax Deduction" guide in Arabic | VAT law under consideration in Qatar, at drafting stage | UAE updates Turnover Declaration Letter | UAE updates Payment User Guide | UAE revises “VAT Refund User” guide | ZATCA issues second edition of "General VAT" guide in Arabic | KSA releases second version of “Professional services” guide in Arabic | UAE links Tax Registration Number with Customs Registration Number | UAE issues Public Clarification on “Goods supplied in Designated Zone and Connected Shipping or Delivery Services" | UAE amends “Federal Decree Law on Tax Procedures” | UAE amends “Executive Regulations” of Federal Decree Law on VAT | ZATCA suggests taxpayers to expedite preparations with requirements of first phase of E-invoicing | Oman Tax Authority releases English version of 'Real Estate' guide | FTA conducts workshop to review procedures for recovering input tax |


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